Vivien Leigh celebrating her birthday on the set of That Hamilton Woman (1941). 

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My current wallpaper on my phone. I just love that photo.

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Vivien Leigh and friends in North Africa, 1943.

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Per request, vol2 of Scarlett O’Hara reaction gifs :)

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Scarlett and Rhett visit Walt Disney World.

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A guide to my muse, Elizabeth Taylor.

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"Vivien Leigh’s face! The prettiest nose ever seen, a witty chin, an acid-drop mouth, her feline body, her cat-gaze: what a ‘person’!"

- Jean-Louis Barrault (who directed her in the play ‘Duel of Angels’ in 1958)

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Vivien and Larry performing in the play Antony and Cleopatra,  photographed by Angus McBean, 1951. Laurence marvelled at Vivien’s acting, and later recalled:

"She was brilliant, and in my opinion the best Cleopatra ever. She was radiant and beautiful and shone through the lines as if they had been written specially with her in mind… it was as though the Bard had picked up his pen and for a moment looked down the centuries and seen her. The gods had given him a glimpse of four hundred years on; down at the end of the telescope he had seen Vivien dancing."

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”She always made you feel that you were the most important person in her life. Apart from her great physical beauty,she was the kindest of friends with the most beautiful manners. You don’t get that in the theatre today. You didn’t get it then.”

- Sally Ann Howes

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Vivien Leigh and Spencer Tracy at the Oscars, 1940. 

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